Do Solar Panels Damage Roofing?

Our roofing systems have provided us with the comfort, protection, and security we need from the external environment, which is why, as establishment owners, we will always find solutions to make the most out of its function. Some commercial building owners have looked for alternatives to make their roofs more energy-efficient and sustainable, especially with the increasing environmental crisis.

One great example of maximizing your roof’s energy efficiency is installing materials that will prolong your roof’s quality, like energy-efficient roof hatches or using the available space for energy accumulation like solar panels.

Solar panels installation has increased in public demand in recent years. Sales have continued to rise as more establishments and homes seek ways to cut their utility costs and go for a greener alternative. Because of its popularity, an inevitable question of the potential of solar panels to damage roofing systems is always addressed. These questions are usually regarding nail hole damage, how that relates to water leaks, and if it will void a roof’s warranty.

Are Solar Panels Unsafe For Your Roof?

Solar panels don’t pose any crucial threat to your roof’s quality. The only potential for roof panels to damage your roof is from a mistake in the installation phase. Many property owners worry about damaging their roofs when installing solar panels. These installations can last 30 to 35 years, so installing it must be adequately secured so they won’t cause any potential harm to your roof. Fortunately, roof damage resulting from a solar panel installation is uncommon because installers take precautionary measures when installing these panels to prevent leaks and other damage.

When you’re considering installing solar panels, make sure also to consider their massive size. This will be relevant because you will need to determine if your roof can support the solar panel’s weight. You should also factor in the roof’s age and its material.

Roof Protection of Solar Panels

Aside from absorbing solar energy to create renewable electricity, solar panels can also act as a protective barrier for your roof. Solar panels can help protect your roofing system from outside environments and climatic conditions. Outdoor factors such as wind, rain, snow, and the occasional falling tree are prevented from directly hitting your roof and causing damage.

Solar panels also absorb sunlight that falls directly on your roof. The area between your roof and the solar panels will create an air pocket that has a cooling effect on your top. According to a study, installing solar panels can minimize a home’s internal temperature by up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can Solar Panels Damage my Roof?

How Can Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

The only way solar panels can damage your roof is through poor installation. But, when done correctly, solar panels can protect your roof and increase the value of your home. Traditional solar panel installation includes the bolting of panels to your top with bolts, nails, and straps. These binding equipment are driven directly through the roofing and into the attic or ceiling. Unfortunately, holes in the roof can lead to leaks forming over time. With moisture, water damage and mold growth become more likely. Wear to shingles and roof tiles from drilling or hammering during solar panel installation is almost guaranteed.

How are Solar Panels Installed?

Installers will drill holes in your roof to secure and hold your panels in place during the process. These holes are for lag bolts that work to keep them in place and are manufactured to resist extreme weather. The bolts and fixes are necessary for almost every solar panel installation, and their size and depth will vary based on your roof’s material.

Holes in your roof sound troubling, but solar installers use different safety measures to ensure your roof remains in good shape and won’t leak. The bolt fixture will be surrounded by flashing, a plastic or metal shield that fits under existing roof tiles to prevent water from getting through the gap created by the bolts. This flashing is then sealed with tar or similar material.

The Takeaway

Based on the facts gathered, installing solar panels for your roof will not be one of the reasons why your roof’s quality will become diminished. Installers always ensure to install these materials properly to provide the benefit your establishment needs. Remember to choose the right manufacturers and installers to ensure your having your resources’ worth.

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