J-Plasma is a device that tightens and rejuvenates any part of the body, using the cold plasma energy in the subdermal layer of the skin. Thus, more attractive lines can be obtained in a short time.

The plasma energy used by the device occurs as a result of the combination of helium gas with radiofrequency energy. It helps tighten the connective tissues under the skin.

Since it is cooler than laser energy, it does not cause burns. With this application, which is used by many people today, it is possible to achieve the facial features you want in a short time.

Offering J-Plasma solutions with its professional medical staff, Healdone helps you achieve the results you want in a short time.

What Are J-Plasma Pros?

Although J-Plasma is frequently applied to the face and neck area, it is not limited to this. It provides efficient results as it can be applied to all parts of the body. Moreover, since the skin is not removed, there are no large scars and incisions.

Due to all this, the recovery of patients is also carried out quickly. If you want to achieve a natural look, it helps you achieve understated results. In addition to all these, it provides a homogeneous image as it will not cause burns under the skin.

In Which Areas Can J-Plasma Be Applied?

J-Plasma application areas are quite wide. Some of these can be listed as items below;

J Plasma Skin Tightening Procedure, Treatment, Benefits, Risk

  1. Face Area
  2. Neck and Jowl Area
  3. Body Areas
  4. Abdominal Area
  5. Waist Area
  6. Hip Area
  7. Basin Area
  8. Inner and Outer Thigh Region
  9. Knee Area
  10. Supra and Subcutaneous
  11. Chest Area
  12. Back Area
  13. Cellulite Treatment
  14. Arm Area

In this respect, J-plasma helps you achieve the look you want easily. It can be preferred by everyone since there is no distinction between men and women. In addition, it has a structure suitable for every skin type.

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